Business VoIP Phones

Business VoIP Phone

Want phone service for your business? VoIP Phone is a technology that enables you to make phone calls over an existing internet connection rather than the more traditional, dedicated phone line. VoIP phones use voice across internet protocol (VoIP) technology to give an internet-based telephone service. VoIP works well on almost any high-speed internet connection like cable, DSL, and fiber. You can create a free VoIP speed test to confirm you have enough bandwidth. A VoIP phone system allows built-in functionality such as a mobile app, video conferencing, and voicemail-to-email delivery, and more. You can get a complimentary toll-free number as well.

Voip Phone Service in UK
3com3 Voip phone Service

Why Choose 3com3 For VoIP Phones Service?

3com3 provides reliable and inexpensive advanced cloud-based internet phone services specially designed for all types of business. We have been providing world-class business phone systems and It services since 2018. We are a founder member of the Internet phone Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and hold its Quality Mark. We use the highest quality connections to provide you with the best service. You will feel like your client is next door to you. It’s that good. You can also feel secure if using our hosted VoIP service, as all calls and chats are encrypted and protected.

Call monitoring

With VoIP Phone, voice (and fax) communications can be stored as digital data packets, making monitoring calls straightforward and efficient.

CRM integration

VoIP CRM integration can assist you manage customer relationships more efficiently through real-time call tracking, analyze customer behavior.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is excellent for viewing (and controlling) a colleague’s computer for collaboration purposes and helping a client with a technical or sales problem.

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