Backup Solution

Backup Solution

The data has become a mission-critical asset for business; IT organizations require backup solution that can efficiently protect data from loss, corruption, compromise, and theft. 3com3 offers data protection and backup from a cloud that helps dramatically simplify data backup, backup recovery, and archiving while decreasing costs and effectively protecting data from various threats. Easy to deploy and easy to manage, 3com3 helps protect data no matter where it resides to increase uptime and maximize the worth of business data.

backup solutions

Why Choose 3com3 For Backup Solution

3com3 backup as a service solution delivers secure protection to tailor to your business demands and infrastructures; 3com3 has a suite of backup solution services. Alternatively, we can back up your data, files, and servers to our secure public cloud services, providing safe and fast data restoration and saving you the time and money of performing your backup solution.

This involves:

  • Backup job monitoring and problem resolution
  • Tape collection and off-site storage
  • Restorations did by our 24x7x365 service

Lower costs

With Cloud backup there is no up-front investment on hardware or software. Payment is on a predictable monthly subscription model.

Restore available anywhere

In a most critical case situation, with our cloud backup solutions, you will be able to restore your information, files, and systems to anyplace

Security and privacy

Our Cloud Backup services are protected, reliable and private. This is crucial when your company’s data is in the cloud.

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