Network Design and Implementation Plan

Network Implementation Plan

Your business’s central nervous system is your network. Your network’s health is crucial for office management, digital imaging, financial accounting, and client communication software. 3com3 Technology’s team of network engineers and project managers are experts in creating networks that meet your company’s needs. This ensures optimal performance from your network.


Network Design and Implementation Plan

We offer network design and implementation services for:

  • New offices
  • Consolidations and expansions of offices
  • Upgrades to existing networks
  • Refresh your network
  • Office moves

The following are some of the components of network design and implementation:

  • Engineering review to help you understand your technology needs
  • Network mapping
  • Statement of work
  • Integration of digital imaging
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • Training for employees
  • Project manager on-site
  • Support after implementation to ensure project success

Network Design and Implementation Service

3com3 offers a broad range of services and technologies as well as extensive project management experience and knowledge in using industry best practices. Huawei assists customers to quickly plan and design networks, install equipment, and then implement and integrate solutions.
3com3’s Network Design and Implementation Service include campus data communication, Software Defined Networking (SDN), mobile networks, enterprise transmission and accessibility, and many other services.
This service provides network design and solution testing. Verification procedures are used to ensure smooth migrations and stable operation of service systems. The service also includes advanced project implementation methods, project management methodologies, tools to minimize risk during system upgrades, and tools that allow for new services to quickly be made commercially available. This service offers solutions to reduce system deployment time and related costs and aid customers in financial stability and business growth.


The benefits of Network implementation planning range from organizational to connection building to improved profitability. A solid implementation plan: 

  • Creates an actionable roadmap from project conception to completion
  • Makes communication easy and crystal clear
  • Enhances employee retention in the long-term

An implementation timeline is a visible representation of complete project-related due dates. That includes:

  • The last project due date
  • Dates your company needs to perform each phase by 
  • Due dates for different tasks and subtasks 

Pick an implementation planning tool.

Project management solutions like 3com3 can help organizations share information, start and build approvals, and set up timelines quickly. 

Conduct analysis

Get insight from key specialists in your organization about the process and support they’ll require. Come up with your initial ideas on what goals, timeline, staff, and resources will be realistic. 

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