IP Security Camera

IP security cameras

The IP security cameras provide the highest level of detail and clarity to help you capture those important moments like never before. The IP Security camera also features Color Night Vision with the help of ambient lighting or long-range black and white infrared in low light settings to ensure around-the-clock coverage. Its heavy-duty wireless security camera was also designed for harsh weather conditions, giving you years of uninterrupted CCTV monitor service. Pair with a compatible 4K Video Recorder (NVR) to add reliable, high-quality security coverage perfect for your everyday needs for your office, home, and business.


Experience the 4K video difference

With the IP security cameras installed with a powerful 8MP image sensor, you’ll experience the difference that 4K video camera resolution makes when it comes to your home, office, and business security. 4K video quality means there are more than 8 million pixels. CCTV Monitor gives sharper video and realistic color representation. Experience the difference 4K resolution record can make for your security CCTV monitoring.

We'll set up your wireless cameras.

For wireless security camera Installation for your office, home, and business, 3com3 will keep you from the hassle of installing your cameras into the wall or ceiling. We’ll also configure a digital video recorder, connect the cameras to your Wi-Fi network, and combine a mobile device. 

  • Connect and configure a standalone computer or cloud-based digital video recorder.
  • Connect your security cameras to your gateway or router.
  • Configure your security cameras with your present voice assistant.

Simple PoE installation

The IP security cameras only require a single ethernet cable to connect them to the NVR.

H.265 / HEVC encoding

The IP security cameras are outfitted with High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) or H.265 video compression.

Weatherproof security

it can take anything from torrential downpours to freezing snowstorms.

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