On Premises Software

On Premises Software

On-premises software is one of the most popular, traditional ways of using enterprise and customer applications. On-premises typically needs a software license for each server and end-user. The customer is liable for the security, availability, and overall control of on-premises software. However, the vendor also gives after-sales integration and support assistance. On-premises is deemed more secure, as the whole instance of the software remains on the organization’s premises.


How 3com3 Can Help You

3com3 On-Premises Service offers installation of the software and all data on company and Organization servers. This solution is the best fit for businesses and universities that need strict IT policies, such a having data saved locally. Your IT staff will be responsible for system monitoring, maintenance, and data back-ups, while 3com3 provides software updates and practical support in a tailored service level agreement.

  • On-Premises Implementation

Once your organization chooses 3com3 as the best Premises solution, a dedicated account is assigned to you and will assist you step-by-step with the implementation.

  • On Premises Architecture

The On Premises installation is a customer-specific solution hosted by the IT staff of the company. It includes a multi-server architecture that collectively gives all functionalities available in the Cloud installation.

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