Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) allows an organization to establish a plan to maintain or instantly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster. The result of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking, or malware could be significant. Hence, a plan for data backup solution and restoring electronic information is a primary requirement for any business that uses a computer.
While it can be costly to eliminate any single point of failure in an IT infrastructure, having a disaster recovery plan that makes this is the only way to secure that a hardware crash doesn’t interrupt your service or cause data loss. The more expensive and better solution has been to have your data backed up daily.

Data Recovery Solutions

3com3 Disaster Recovery Planning

Unplanned downtime from common disasters, ransomware attacks, and interruptions are the biggest availability threats to an organization. Organizations become flexible and easily resume operations with minimal downtime and data loss with an efficient disaster recovery plan and solution. With 3com3, where you are today or will be tomorrow, your DR plan will be covered. The 3com3 provides a single solution for disaster recovery and backup based on constant data protection. Organizations now have the advantage of consolidating tools, decreasing costs and complexity with just one platform. 3com3 has taken its leading continuous data protection technology to the backup world.

Use 3com3 disaster recovery Plan to help reduce customer downtime

Help ensure quick delivery with data compression and deduplication
Use a tool designed for reliable data transmission.
Offer clients both virtual and physical data recovery benefits

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