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3CX Service

3CX Office Phone System 3CX is an open-platform, software VoIP phone system that runs with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We have fully authorized resellers for the 3CX phone system. As a business owner, having a safe and secure phone system is essential. If you’re on purpose to […]
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On Premises Software

On Premises Software On-premises software is one of the most popular, traditional ways of using enterprise and customer applications. On-premises typically needs a software license for each server and end-user. The customer is liable for the security, availability, and overall control of on-premises software. However, the vendor also gives after-sales integration and support assistance. On-premises […]
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Business SIP Trunk services

Fully featured SIP Trunking SIP Trunking simplifies your enterprise telephony and saves you money. Pan-European businesses who want to optimise their voice support and manage costs should consider 3com3 as a provider for SIP Trunking services. With SIP Trunking solutions, you simplify all your telecommunications within a single IP network. You have all the traditional […]
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Business VoIP Phones

What Is a VoIP Phone & How Does It Work? Want phone service for your business? VoIP Phone is a technology that enables you to make phone calls over an existing internet connection rather than the more traditional, dedicated phone line. VoIP phones use voice across internet protocol (VoIP) technology to give an internet-based telephone […]
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